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Welcome sweet soul

to a safe space where we move our body, center our mind and come back to the present moment. 

I'm so glad that you are here!

My name is Myriam and I believe that different kind of movements and mindful attention are a great companion to your overall well-being. In a world full of 'doing', we're stepping back and taking a moment to turn our attention inwards - to truly listen to our body. To be present in the moment. 

By creating space and serenity in your body and mind, connecting the breath to your movement, you will feel more balanced and at ease. A feeling that will accompany you through your days and that you will hopefully share with the people around you. 

Besides my physcial classes, workshops and retreats I am offering you an online space. A space where you can move with me and explore your own physical and mental practice in your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. 

Whether you want to invite more ease and rest into your life, feel more balanced or start a healthy routine - my classes and workshops offer you well guided support. Whatever can help you to shake and release those stagnant emotions and lets you explore your full vibrant being. 

Come and join me on the mat.